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In April of 2018, I lost my beloved cat Noguchi to aggressive lymphoma. His death was so unexpected, and while my partner and I were grieving and recovering from his insane hospital bills, our beautiful dog Isabelle succumbed to brain cancer in the same month. The same night Isabelle passed away, Noguchi's littermate brother Panton fell ill from bladder crystals and we had to rush him to the hospital. He had been seriously grieving the death of his brother, and spent a week in the hospital recovering from urinary obstruction and, because of hospital negligence, fluid in his lungs. 

The debt from cancer bills, vet visits, hospitalizations and euthanasia has been astronomical. I'm over $14,000 in debt, which was a huge shock and totally unexpected. I would gladly pay a million dollars to help my best friends, and I'm glad we tried everything we could until we knew the suffering was too bad. We barely had a chance to grieve, and are now left picking up the pieces of what our family used to be. 

After Panton was given a clean bill of health, I decided to hold a pet portrait day at my downtown LA studio. The response was overwhelming, and I'm excited to say it was one of the most fulfilling photoshoots I've ever done. 

I've decided to hold pet portrait sessions every month at my studio to help chip away at my debt, and give people cherished keepsakes of their best friends. I truly believe everyone should have a professional photo of their pet. I'm so excited to be a part of this process and see the love and happiness between people and their best furry friends. 



  • State of the art lighting and a gorgeous backdrop in my professional photo studio
  • We will take portraits of both you and your pet, along with solo pet photos (if your pet is into it)
  • I lightly retouch photos, color correct and send you downloadable photos within 2 weeks
  • I offer printing services, so you can also order prints to be sent directly to your home
  • Fee: $100 ($50 deposit due at time of booking, $50 due at time of shoot). 


JULY 28th / AUGUST 12th / SEPTEMBER 15th / OCTOBER 13th