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Lenticular "Magic Motion" Slaughterhaus Series Print - Sam

Lenticular "Magic Motion" Slaughterhaus Series Print - Sam

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From the Slaughterhaus series, a lenticular print of Sam juxtaposed with trotters from a slaughterhouse.

Lenticular printing consists of creating a single print from two images, and combining it with a lenticular lens. This process makes the image look 3D or change and animate into another photo. When you stand in front of the photo, you'll see an image of a girl. Move to the left or right, and that image will change into slaughterhouse meat. 

Signed and dated by Danielle Spires.

This piece ships flat and therefore requires extra handling. 

If you would like an actual video of the lenticular, please email me! This gif doesn't do it justice. 

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