Professional Pet & Portrait Photographer



Q: What kind of pets do you allow in your photo studio?

A: Any and all pets are welcome! All dog breeds, cats, snakes, rodents, birds, tarantulas and everything in between have shot in my studio! ALL of your pets are welcome.

Q: What can I expect at the photo studio?

A: I have a comfortable and large professional photo studio in downtown Los Angeles. You can easily park around the building, and I have an area for you and your pet to chill out for a few minutes before we shoot photos. If your dog or cat (or any other pet) is scared, you can note it during booking. We will take good care to make your pet feel comfortable, let them sniff around for a few minutes and never push them past their limits. I prefer to work fast as to not exhaust pets.

Q: My cat or dog is scared, but can travel. How do I keep them calm?

A: You know your dog or cat’s limits! If they are comfortable with travel, you try giving them Rescue Remedy or CBD oil for anxiety. Calming collars and sprays are available online too. I can’t tell if you if any of these things will work for your pet specifically, but I’ve heard great stories from clients about pet CBD oil. Consult your vet for their CBD recommendation.

Q: My cat won’t travel! How can I still get amazing photos from you?

A: I can come to you! I regularly do home visits for timid or elderly pets. I will quote you a price depending on travel time and the kind of photos you want. Please email me!

Q: I have a VERY COOL IDEA for a shoot! Can I bring props/outfits?

A: Send me an email with what your idea is and we’ll see if we can make it work during your shoot! If it’s a crazy over the top idea, we will have to do a longer session. If you have hats/outfits, please bring them! I love unique pet pictures, and I want your family photo dreams to be fulfilled!

Q: I don’t have a cat, dog, bird or any animal, but I do have a plant/fossil/taxidermy/object/weird thing I would love a photograph with! Can I bring that instead of a pet?

A: YES! Please email me so I know what I’m shooting, but if you don’t have an animal, but instead have a plant/object you’d love to be photographed with, I am 100% happy to be your photographer!

Q: I have an idea that I don’t see on your Instagram. It would require a different background/setup. Can we make this happen?

A: YES! I can fulfill your family/pet photographer dreams! However, we will have to setup a custom shoot just for you, it would probably have to be booked for a longer timeslot.

Q: I’m a blog/social media person and I want to use your photos. Can I?

A: Yes, but please credit Danielle Spires Photography and tag @catpartypetportraits and


BOOKING: A non-refundable deposit is required to book and hold the date for your session and serves as a cancellation fee. The fee can be credited towards a future session if you reschedule 48 hours ahead of your date/time. All remaining balances are due at the time of the session. Refunds will not be given for the purchase of a Gift Certificate.

PRICES: Prices are subject to change at any time, at the discretion of Danielle Spires. If your gift certificate doesn’t work, please email me. I will always honor gift certificate prices.

CANCELLATION POLICY: I understand that there may be circumstances where you may need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. You can reschedule via Acuity scheduling or contact me at least 48 hours in advance to avoid forfeiting your session fee. This will leave ample time for another client who is on a waitlist, to take your spot. In cases of "no shows" this fee is non-refundable. Exceptions will only be made in cases of unforeseen medical illness or emergencies.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: You may redeem your Gift Certificate at for studio shoots only (no in-home available for gift certificates). You may not exchange your Gift Certificate for cash. Refunds will not be given for the purchase of a Gift Certificate. Balances will not be returned in cash. I reserve the right to refuse to accept Gift Certificates which I believe may have been stolen or obtained in another illegal way. I reserve the right to cancel your Gift Certificate if I suspect it is being used fraudulently or in breach of these Terms and Conditions. I am not responsible for lost or stolen Certificates. You should immediately report any loss, theft, fraudulent or unauthorised use of your Gift Certificate to me. If you lose your Gift Certificate or it is stolen I may, at my sole discretion, replace your Gift Certificate and transfer the balance stored on it to a replacement Certificate. I will require your Gift Certificate Code Number and proof of purchase before I can consider any request to replace your Gift Certificate. Gift certificates are redeemable for FIVE years from the date they were purchased, after FIVE years they can no longer be redeemed

COPYRIGHT: Client will receive high-res jpgs for download. RAWS are not provided. Danielle Spires Photography retains all copyright and moral rights attached to this image. Danielle Spires Photography grants the licensee the non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable use of pet portraits for unlimited time period, for the purpose of usage for personal use only. The photographs shall not be used for any commercial use, marketing brands, companies, products or music albums without being licensed through the photographer. All images, both physical and digital, when purchased or provided to the client are for personal use only.

LIABILITY: Pets must be on a leash and up to date on vaccinations. Danielle Spires Photography is not held responsible for any animal bites or scratches or medical issues pertaining to the animal. Danielle Spires Photography is not responsible for injury from uncontrolled pets. If Danielle Spires cannot perform this contract due to fire, casualty, act of God, illness, emergency, or other causes beyond the control of the Photographer, and cannot reschedule, Danielle Spires will return to the client any money paid, including deposit, but shall have no further liability in respect to the contract. This limitation of liability shall also apply in the event that the photographic materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera or computer malfunction, lost or damaged in the mail, or otherwise lost or damaged without fault or intent on the part of the Photographer. In the event that Danielle Spires Photography fails to perform for any reason, Danielle Spires Photography shall not be liable for any amount in excess of the retail value of the client's order and session fees paid. It is the client's responsibility to back up any digital files that are purchased or received. Danielle Spires Photography shall not be held liable for loss or destruction of files, prints or products once they have been received by the client.

RETURNS AND REFUNDS: Danielle Spires Photography does not allow refunds or returns of any products. If a client is unhappy with their session, they can choose to forfeit ALL images and one reshoot will be issued.  If any products arrive damaged through no fault of the client, the client may return the products for a refund or replacement. If a deposit is taken for securement of a session date, there is no refund for cancellation unless approved by Danielle Spires.