Professional Pet & Portrait Photographer
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Unique and stylized professional Los Angeles pet photographer, offering studio and in-home pet portraits. Family portraits with cats, dogs, reptiles, bunnies and all animals welcome!


As a professional pet photographer with a fun, kitschy photo studio in downtown Los Angeles, I like to take a unique approach to portrait photography with all types of pets. Cats, dogs, rodents, snakes, and even exotic pets have been in my photo studio. Our pets are our family, and I want to capture the bond you have with your pet with a unique and gorgeous family portrait that will definitely become a cherished keepsake.

If your pet is timid and you require an in-home portrait, or you want to book a professional or corporate dog or cat event, contact me below for rates.







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Danielle Spires is a consummate professional at the pinnacle of the field of pet photography. Admittedly, she's the only pet photographer I've used. Or met :) Still, I simply cannot fathom finer results. Her passion for her craft is evident in everything she does. She possesses a keen eye for framing and kindly directs her non-professional models and non-human models into the perfect pose. She has an excellent collection of funktastic backdrops to help her achieve the perfect combination of class, camp, kitsch and her own indelible style. Bring your most iconic or extravagant duds and prepare to look good. Most importantly, she was kind and patient with our dumb little fluffball, giving her time and space to wander around the studio and get acclimated to her surroundings before we plopped her in the spotlight. And just look at the results. Witness them. That could be you.

-Nicole, Yelp Review

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Wish I could leave 100 stars!

Danielle is amazing! She is super accommodating and has a way with animals of all shapes & sizes.
I'm obsessed with Danielle's unique style and vision with her photography. Not only do we have these amazing photos forever, but the session itself was so much fun!
Also, Danielle is very open to client ideas and vision, you can tell her exactly the vibe that you want with the prints as far as clothes, backdrop, positions, etc. And at the end she will send you all of the photos where your animal is looking at the camera, so you get a large gallery to choose from!!

-Shelby S., Yelp Review

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My dog Badger and myself took a 8 day road trip to LA from Denver and one of our goals was to get portraits done with Danielle. We had a such a great time doing the shoot. Danielle was fun and professional and has such great back drops and shot ideas. thank you so much for making our first road trip together a memorable one.

-Joe M., Yelp Review



My photo session with Danelle was really fun. She made me feel at ease, and I loved the images she took of me and my cat. My husband was super jealous.

-Jenna S., Yelp Review

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Danielle is amazing and we highly recommend her. We have a scardey cat that wouldn't do well in a studio and she came to our house for our pet portraits. She brought everything needed and took literally the best family photos of all time. She's very professionals and great to work with. If you want pet portraits she's the best!

-Nicole F., Google Review

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The photos that Danielle produced for us are absolutely priceless. Our family and friends were in absolute awe of them when we sent out our holiday cards and many of them had the pictures framed! I'm afraid we'll never be able to top them!

-Phoenix P., Yelp Review

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We absolutely LOVE Danielle!! She is super nice, was great with our Lola, and 10/10 made the best Christmas family portrait ever of the three of us. I still crack up every time I see it. She has an amazing eye for photography and did a quick turn around. Trust me, you will be so happy with the results that you'll keep coming back to her like we did!

-Tinka W., Yelp Review

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If you own a pet and live near Los Angeles, you MUST make an appointment with Danielle! She is an absolute delight. I was a little intimidated to go in for a photo session; honestly, because she is model gorgeous. Her sweet and loving personality put me and my crew immediately at ease. My photos are terrific and worth every penny! She is a local treasure. So go book your appointment now! You will not regret it.

-Heather M., Yelp Review



Danielle is not only a fantastic photographer, but a wonderful person! She always makes my cat, Mr. Henry, feel at ease and literally makes him look like a male model! I’m obsessed with the photos she takes, obsessed with her and if you want not only the best keepsake of you and your companion animal, but also a great experience, book her today!!!

-Leslie C., Google Review



“We spoke to Danielle Spires of @CatPartyPetPortraits – a professional photographer based in Los Angeles – who has built a business specializing in photographing pets with their owners. With 20 years of photography experience, Danielle has worked in everything from fine art to commercial photography but turned to pets after she lost her beloved cat to lymphoma. Her images seek to capture the special bond owners have with their pets in a fun, quirky style. Read on for her pro tips and tricks for photographing pets.”


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Danielle Spires has an offbeat, kitschy photo studio in Downtown Los Angeles, but she also shoots in her clients’ homes or other locations. But frankly, we’re in love with her studio work. Regardless of where she is, she has a great eye for creating unique images that radiate creativity and fun, and she keeps things pleasantly light. There’s a very self-aware quality to it all, and many of her photos are pushed into ridiculous territory, from regal shots of cats on opulent thrones to her signature double exposure. It’s hard to imagine these images not winning Instagram every time they hit social media.


Danielle, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
As a fine art photographer, I would often shoot self-portraits with my pets with my handmade backdrops. Then the unspeakable happened… my three beloved animals were all diagnosed with cancer. Two of my pets succumbed to their cancer, my world was turned upside down, and I never thought my grief would subside.

We’d love to hear more about what you do.
I’m a pet portrait photographer, and I’m known for my highly stylized portraits. I have some pretty unique backdrops, and each one of them speaks to individual clients. My portraits are quirky, creative and unique to each individual and their pet. I also welcome ALL pets into my studio, and have even photographed chickens, tarantulas, bearded dragons and hedgehogs!